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Nothing but personal service for our life long customers!
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The Professional Rug Cleaning in Teaneck, NJ You Need

Don't you deserve to live in a home with deep-cleaned rugs? Don't you deserve to have this taken care of for you in the easiest way possible?

The experts at Tulip Carpet Cleaning of Teaneck believe you do. We understand how important professional rug cleaning is for the life of your fabrics, and we also understand how busy the families of Teaneck, New Jersey are.

That's why we strive to use the best steam cleaning methods to protect your rugs. It's why we work to perfect our techniques so we can do the best job for our clients and eliminate odors, remove allergens, and prevent matting. That's why we guarantee customer satisfaction. If you're not happy with our work, we will come back and fix it.

To save time and make rug cleaning even easier for our busy clients, our Teaneck, New Jersey, company offers onsite cleaning or a pickup rug cleaning service. We work with what's best for you and your busy schedule.

The Advantages of Hiring a Cleaning Expert

Professional rug cleaning may seem like something you can put off, but there are many advantages to hiring an expert to routinely deep clean your home.

  1. Hiring a rug cleaning service in Teaneck, New Jersey saves you time.
  2. We use the best environmentally friendly products that are safe for your pets and children.
  3. We use protective methods that keep your rugs cleaner for longer.
  4. Our professional approach and dedication to what we do means we'll use techniques you can only learn through experience.
  5. Our previous satisfied customers prove that you will be more than satisfied with our services.

We Do Area Rug Cleaning, Too!

If you were cleaning a cotton shirt, you would use different methods than if you were cleaning a wool sweater or a satin blouse. Area rug experts understand that the same strategies must be employed on the different fabrics of your area rugs.

Years of experience have taught us what cleaning solutions work best with different fibers and what products will take care of stains in those situations. A professional rug cleaning service uses the right cleaning process to remove dirt and stains while preserving the dyes and colors that make your area rug unique.

With certified and trained specialists working to steam and deep clean for you, your area rugs stay cleaner for longer.

When you have an area rug you care about, you should hire the experts who know how to protect the fabric. Call a rug cleaning service you know you can trust, a professional company with the experience to get the job done right the first time.

Persian Rug Cleaning in Teaneck, New Jersey

Oriental rugs require a gentle touch. An expert will look the fabric over for weak points before they begin, to make sure they understand what fiber of the rug can endure and what it needs to look its best and be protected against the wear and tear of time.

When you put off Persian rug cleaning, you are only letting dust build up in your fabrics and daring the colors to fade away.

When you hire an expert for oriental rug cleaning, you are making sure that the dust, stains, and odor that build up over time will be removed. By caring for your Persian rug and hiring a professional to handle the cleaning process, you are reducing the risk of allergies building up, keeping your home clean, and protecting your rug's fabric so it will last for years to come.

Expert Persian rug cleaning requires experience and know-how. It requires paying attention to the individual stains and wear that has happened on this particular rug and knowing enough about Oriental rug cleaning to be able to handle this particular type of rug expertly. Every rug is different, and every stain or odor requires a different tactic to get it back to its best condition.

Not only are our expert Persian rug cleaning services governed by experience, but we are also dedicated to using environmentally friendly cleaning solutions that are safe for your children and pets. Our Oriental rug cleaning experts are dedicated to their craft, and that's why we have a satisfaction guarantee. If you're not happy, let us know, and we'll be back to rectify any issue.

A Full-Range Rug Cleaning Service

Do you need rug cleaning in Teaneck, NJ, Bergen County?

The Rug Cleaning Services at Tulip Carpet Cleaning of Teaneck Include:

  1. An estimate and consultation from one of our rug-cleaning experts
  2. A deep rug cleaning service with shampoo and advanced cleaning solutions
  3. Dust Removal
  4. Spot Cleaning
  5. Pet odor treatment and stain removal
  6. Rug care and protection to keep it looking great longer
  7. Onsite Rug Steam Cleaning

Every cleaning ends with a final inspection by experts to make sure the cleaning has been completed.

In addition to our comprehensive rug cleaning services, we also offer a full-range cleaning service to cater to all your maintenance needs. Our additional cleaning services include:

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How often should I clean the rugs in my home?

Keeping your rugs clean is very important, and things like pets and foot traffic can make it harder. What does our skilled advice say? A full rug cleaning should be done every 12 to 18 months, but areas that get a lot of use may need to be done more often to keep dirt from building up deep down.

What should I do to keep my rugs clean between cleanings?

Taking good care of rugs makes them last longer and look better. Regular vacuuming is the best way to get rid of surface dirt and stop it from getting deeper into the fibers. If you clean up spills quickly, they won't leave stains. Rotating rugs every so often also keeps the colors from fading and promotes even wear.

How much does area rug cleaning cost?

The cost of cleaning a rug depends on several factors, including its size, material, and how dirty it is. At Tulip Carpet Cleaning of Teaneck, our prices are reasonable and can be changed to fit your needs. Our honest method ensures you get a good deal with no hidden fees. Contact us right away to get a price that is specifically made for your needs.

How long does it take to get my area rugs back?

Your clean area rugs will usually be ready for pick up or delivery in 7 to 10 business days. To fit your plan, we also offer express service options for requests that need to be done quickly. Tulip Carpet Cleaning of Teaneck is the place to go for skilled, high-quality rug cleaning. Contact us right away to see and feel the change.

"I highly recommend Tulip Carpet Cleaning of Teaneck. The guys arrived as scheduled, were friendly and professional. They did a great job cleaning the bedroom carpet, looks like new."

- Maria T.
Take action today.Call us and schedule a cleaning session to make your home really shine! 201-608-3012
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